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Title: DarNified.net 2.0
Post by: DarN on 13.12.10, 21:59:47
darnified.net 2.0

After a brief overhaul, darnified.net is back online. The forum software has been upgraded, along with some new mods. There's now a gallery where you can add your own albums, as well as view some of the images from the UI mods I've made. The chat was removed, as it didn't really serve a purpose.

A proper system for Articles and Downloads will be implemented as soon as the software I use is updated with that functionality.

There will be a bit of tweaking done in the coming weeks as I proper everything up. I'm open to suggestions of course.

Welcome back y'all. :laugh:
Title: DarNified.net 2.0 & UI Mods
Post by: rmt446 on 09.04.11, 23:35:15

Will you ever go back and finish DarNified UI for New Vegas? 

I liked your UI for Oblivion!

Was hoping you would do the same for New Vegas, but I noticed you have not worked it or this forum since the latter part of 2010. 

Hope all is well.   Thanks for all the hard work you have done in the past.

A grateful user.
Title: Re: DarNified.net 2.0
Post by: Mak10z on 16.04.11, 04:45:04
Same here Looking forward to your future work.  have not seen you online for awhile.  hope everything is ok :)
Title: Re: DarNified.net 2.0
Post by: Oceankhayne on 05.08.11, 00:21:37
From what I can guess and piece together I'm guessing Darn's waiting on a final or full release of NVSE. It's either that or he's just tired of waiting and moved on from this project, maybe for good, maybe not. I know it's hard for me to stay with any project for 6 mo. For him to last 4 years is an amazing feat in and of itself. I too hope that nothing ill has befallen Darn for he has helped make Oblivion and the new fallouts much more enjoyable games(with features that should have been in the initial releases anyway).