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Author Topic: New site poll  (Read 4752 times)

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New site poll
« on: 14.12.10, 13:37:54 »
It's not yet finalized, but the main structure is pretty much up and running.

This is a very niche site, where people usually come to ask for help, so not a lot of community spirit here perhaps. I like modding interfaces though, and this process is not that different from the modding process of the games I modify.

The new stuff is mostly for my own amusement/education, and was implemented because the site changed server provider recently.

I'd like to know what people think though, as always. :)
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Offline Sativarg

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Re: New site poll
« Reply #1 on: 24.12.10, 17:50:36 »
I am not playing lately so haven't been by till today.

Thanks for the great resources and this nice new site. Thanks for all the hard work.

Have a great holiday and new year.

RE: Pole
I like that the downloads are so much more accessible and centralized in the home page. The page I am on now looks great, Crisp in fact. Myst jade is the Theme I have on.

Been playing Sacrifice - GOG.com because I am on a system with only built in Video. I'ts still a great game, imho, for any one who like Oblivion and Morrowind when system limits prevent bigger games..
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