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DUI Oblivion
Featured Album - Owner: DarN - 36 items
DarNified UI Oblivion
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DUI Settings
The in-game settings menu for DUI. Page 5 in the Stats Menu.
 Views: 5288
 Rating: 5.00
Dec 15, 2010
Classic Inventory
Use this instead of the default if you have performance issues with lots of items.
 Views: 5002
Dec 13, 2010
This is the DarNified wz_Inventory installed by default. Can be configured with grid and list display modes for the various tabs.
 Views: 4728
Dec 13, 2010
Quest Added Menu
New quest popup. You can select to not have this pop up during install.
 Views: 4645
Dec 13, 2010
Map Menu
DarNified Map with a multitude of visibility options.
 Views: 4640
Apr 19, 2008
Custom Font 1
These are the choices available for replacing font 1 (seen mostly in the Main Menu). View full size to see the names properly.
 Views: 4614
Dec 13, 2010
Trollf Loading Screens
Here's a look at DUI with Trollf's Loading Screens installed.
 Views: 4558
Sep 10, 2007
Magic Menu
This contains your spells.
 Views: 4554
Dec 13, 2010
Dialog Menu
Covers conversation...
 Views: 4550
Dec 13, 2010
Colored Local Map
A simple ini setting gives you this color local map.
 Views: 4528
Apr 19, 2008
Shows up under water...
 Views: 4484
Apr 19, 2008
Info Menu
This covers the context sensitive information that pops up on the HUD when you point at stuff.
 Views: 4441
Apr 19, 2008
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Map Menu
DarNified Map with a multitude of visibility options.
 Views: 4640
Posted by DarN
Apr 19, 2008
in DUI Oblivion