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Author Topic: DarNified UI 1.3.0  (Read 5197 times)

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DarNified UI 1.3.0
« on: 19.03.08, 19:40:20 »
DarNified UI 1.3.0 is out!

1.3.0, 2008/3/19
   - Moved all config files to prefabs\darn
      - Renamed "Readme files" to "Docs"
      - Added new shortcuts to Docs
      - Cleaned up some config files considerably
      - Scaled tabs in all menus to .75 and added hover effects
      - Included DarNified Books for OOO
      - DarNified wz_Inventory is now the default inventory
      - Fixed a bug in the controls mapping menu (Bethsoft original)
      - Tweaked 8 of the custom font 1 choices
      - Added filters for redundant items in the options page
      - Made HUD, Stats Menu, Breathmeter, Subtitles and Info Menu one choice
      Stats Menu:
      - DarNified and merged page 1 and 2.
      - Page 5 is now used for in game settings (actually part of the hud)
      - Cleaned up and tweaked all pages
      - Added modifier numbers where applicable in page 1 and 2
      - Fixed page 2 layout prior to class selection (le. tutorial dungeon)
      Main Menu:
      - Made buttons vertical and static width
      - Added option for Daedric menu
      - Enhanced version info
      - Moved durability bar
      - Prevented "talk" and "crown" icons from appearing in 3rd person mode (compromise)
      - Added in game settings
      - New settings:
         + Global scale setting for hud elements
         + Control POI icons in the compass: toggle quest/player marker/poi icons, reveal distance
         + Global HUD tranparency
         + Compass background/frame on/off
         + Statusbars fade as they fill up
         + "Hide Essential" setting for characters ("No crown")
         + Enemy Health Bar on/off
         + Location Info on/off - frame on/off
         + Messages on/off
         + Magic effects on/off
         + Level Up icon on/off
      DarNified wz_Inventory:
      - Added filters to hide irrelevant icons in grid popup
      - Made proper icons show up in grid popup
      - Fixed a bug in right aligned popup code (container theme)
      - Fixed headers position bug on initial list view
      - Optimized code considerably
      Map Menu:
      - Implemented full in-game scaling
      - Added filters for location icons, quest markers, player marker and player location

You'll find a complete changelog here.

Download and screens at TESNexus
Download and screens at Planet Elder Scrolls
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