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Author Topic: DarNified UI Changelog  (Read 8131 times)

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DarNified UI Changelog
« on: 14.10.07, 13:37:15 »
1.3.2, 2008/12/07
- Fixed white square bug in the stats menu
- Fixed minimum (no) area in enchantmentsetting menu says "9"
- Fixed a height inconsistency with the Stats Menu
- Cleaned up Magic Menu a bit
- Added config file for Persuasion Menu
- Added scrollbar to Message Menu for long texts (eg. Kyoma's Journal Mod)
- Added alignment options to HUD Location text
- Script: Added compatability for Oblivion XP Levelling
- Script: Fixed some issues with modular installs
- Script: Hopefully fixed "Palatino" error
- Script: Mod detection now also detects active mods

1.3.1, 2008/4/19
- Fixed Arc Timer position
- Fixed Activation icons in 3rd person
- Fixed wrong tab icon for ranged spells in Magic Menu
- Fixed a prefab path in KCAS Level Up Menu
- Fixed Hand To Hand damage display in stats popup
- Fixed an error in Kingthings Calligraphica
- Smoothed out Sneak Eye visuals
- Added Autofade Cutoff setting
- Added Effect icons position setting
- Separated gfx and text hud alpha settings
- Reimplemented bGridSepNewline for the inventory
- Optimized map icon filter a bit
- Added filter for local map icons
- Removed in-game map scaling
- Added RealisticLeveling to mod detection
- Improved installer font handling
- Removed DarNified Books

1.3.0, 2008/3/19
- Moved all config files to prefabs\darn
- Renamed "Readme files" to "Docs"
- Added new shortcuts to Docs
- Cleaned up some config files considerably
- Scaled tabs in all menus to .75 and added hover effects
- Included DarNified Books for OOO
- DarNified wz_Inventory is now the default inventory
- Fixed a bug in the controls mapping menu (Bethsoft original)
- Tweaked 8 of the custom font 1 choices
- Added filters for redundant items in the options page
- Made HUD, Stats Menu, Breathmeter, Subtitles and Info Menu one choice
Stats Menu:
- DarNified and merged page 1 and 2.
- Page 5 is now used for in game settings (actually part of the hud)
- Cleaned up and tweaked all pages
- Added modifier numbers where applicable in page 1 and 2
- Fixed page 2 layout prior to class selection (le. tutorial dungeon)
Main Menu:
- Made buttons vertical and static width
- Added option for Daedric menu
- Enhanced version info
- Moved durability bar
- Prevented "talk" and "crown" icons from appearing in 3rd person mode (compromise)
- Added in game settings
- New settings:
   + Global scale setting for hud elements
   + Control POI icons in the compass: toggle quest/player marker/poi icons, reveal distance
   + Global HUD tranparency
   + Compass background/frame on/off
   + Statusbars fade as they fill up
   + "Hide Essential" setting for characters ("No crown")
   + Enemy Health Bar on/off
   + Location Info on/off - frame on/off
   + Messages on/off
   + Magic effects on/off
   + Level Up icon on/off
DarNified wz_Inventory:
- Added filters to hide irrelevant icons in grid popup
- Made proper icons show up in grid popup
- Fixed a bug in right aligned popup code (container theme)
- Fixed headers position bug on initial list view
- Optimized code considerably
Map Menu:
- Implemented full in-game scaling
- Added filters for location icons, quest markers, player marker and player location

1.2.6, 2007/9/29
- Fixed bug in credits menu causing user name not to appear in credits
- Made the ui compatible with Toggleable Quantity Prompt 2.0
- Dialog background is off when dialog subtitles are disabled
- Removed debug text from the enchantmentsetting menu
- Added Quest popup remover option
- Added "Cinematic dialog" options to dialog_config.xml
- Generic icon is now off when using message removers
- Added setting to remove sneak eye to hudreticle_config.xml
- Tweaked some positions in the Alchemy Menu
- Fixed color bug in the Alchemy Menu
- Enhanced version info in Main Menu
- Made proper generic message icon

1.2.5, 2007/9/16
- Added Loading Menu
- Added DarNified wz_Inventory
- Added Credits Menu
- Rewrote and ported omod install script to c#
- Added custom options for font 1
- Updated Intelligence Overhaul plugins to 1.21

1.2.1, 2007/8/18
- Fix the tiling fix to work on texture size < high
- Fix some positioning in the hud bars
- Commented out a superfluos image in the hud
- Fix EnchantmentSetting Menu height overlap when items > 4
- Fix Audio Menu width calculation
- Depth change to the selector nif to prevent overlap in DarNified wz_ inventory

1.2, 2007/7/7
- Added larger font alternative
- Added Message Menu
- Added Sigil Stone Menu
- Added Enchantment Setting Menu
- Added TextEdit Menu
- Added Skill Perk Menu
- Made all files valid xml (fixed quite a few Bethsoft bugs in the process)
- Made edits to the required files for menu escape compatability
- Made a new location background graphic to work with the larger fonts
- Changes to accomodate user limits in the Enchantment Setting Menu
DarNified Books
- Added compatible versions for Book Placement, Intelligence Overhaul and combinations thereof

1.1, 2007/5/27
- Added modified stats_menu.xml and levelup_menu.xml for AF/KCAS users
- Added Chargen Pack
- Added book_menu.xml
- Fixed spelling in/improved omod script
- Relocated all common control prefabs to fool proof selective installs
- Added config file
- Made info icon size/alpha/text configurable
- Cleaned up position code
- Made crosshair size configurable
- Added setting for 3rd person crosshair
- Made activation icon size configurable
- Made activation icon alpha configurable
- Scaled enemy health bar (optional)
- Move/rewrite of hud_reticle_config.xml
- Added config option to remove misc icon for people using message remover mods
- Added optional backdrop image to subtitle text for readability
- Move/rewrite of hud_subtitle_config.xml
- Made width dynamic to prohibit text overflow for users of the Days&Months mod
- Added config file
- Added optional backdrop image to dialog text for readability
- Fixed compass causing scissor rect to be set outside of the backbuffer
- Fixed map causing scissor rect to be set outside of the backbuffer
- Removed a separator line
- Fixed some depth bugs
DarNified Books
- Fixed stray font tag in "The Legend Of Krately House"
- Centered title in "On Artaeum" (don't think it's centered in default, but whattahey)
- Centered title in "Mythic Dawn Commentaries Vol. 2"
- Fixed page layout in "The Firmament"
- Fixed several book bugs
- Removed all traces of explicit font 1 references, which means that some scrolls are now DarNified as well (Black Horse Courier for instance)
- DarNified Books for Book Jackets is now generated with TES4Gecko

1.0, 2007/5/5
- Initial release.
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